Centipede Support XL Review – Supersize Your Support System

centipede support xl

A short while back, we took a look at the innovative Centipede Sawhorse. This innovative product starts out as a meek and mild, 11 pound, 6”x9” bundle of steel poles and struts. Give it a quick shake, though, and seconds later it’s the Sawhorse of Steel – a 2’x4’ platform capable of supporting up to 1,500 pounds! We were impressed by the Centipede Sawhorse, and when the folks at Centipede offered us the opportunity to try out its big brother, the Centipede Support XL, we jumped on it. Literally. [Read more…]

Porter Cable Brushless EDGE Drill And Impact Driver – Pushing The Edge

porter cable brushless

The iconic Porter Cable brand has been around for over a century. Over the years, they’ve been responsible for a lot of innovation in the tool industry, introducing such industry staples as the first portable belt sander and the world’s first helical drive circular saw. Several acquisitions later, they’ve had their ups and downs, with some quality issues along the way. They are now under the Stanley Black & Decker umbrella, and trying to re-establish their brand identity as a maker of quality, pro-grade tools. They recently unleashed their latest efforts in that endeavor – the Porter Cable Brushless EDGE 20V MAX Drill Driver And Impact Driver. [Read more…]

Stihl Lightning Affordable Battery Powered Outdoor Power Tools and Some Timbersports Fun

man with battery powered chain saw

Stihl Inc. recently held their first media event at their U.S. facility in Virginia Beach, VA to show off their newest outdoor power equipment (OPE), Stihl Lightning. Even if you don’t follow the industry, you’re probably aware that battery powered tools for lawn and garden work are quickly gaining popularity as the hassle-free alternative to gasoline powered models. The rise in lithium-ion battery technology over the past decade has made larger cordless tools like lawn mowers and blowers possible. Besides obvious noise and air pollution benefits, battery powered OPE also bypasses the maintenance hassles that make small gas engine equipment troublesome for most part-time users. Read on for more details on some exciting new Stihl Lightning cordless tools and an inside look at the Stihl Timbersports phenomenon. [Read more…]

Get a Grip With Rockler Piston Clamps – Reviewed

Rockler piston clamp

“You can never have too many clamps” (credit: every woodworker who’s ever lived). Though outsiders might not get it, it’s such an oft repeated adage for a good reason: It’s true! But it’s not always about quantity. It’s just as important to have the right clamps for the job. Home Fixated sponsor Rockler sent us some of their new F-style piston clamps to put to the test. These beasts have several innovative features and incredible power! Let me show you why I’m so excited about Rockler piston clamps. [Read more…]

General ToolSmart Lineup – 3 New Additions Reviewed

Featured image

Back in May, I had the pleasure of reviewing General’s new ToolSmart lineup, a collection of electronic tools designed to make your life and projects easier. While each works as a stand-alone tool (the new flashlight camera is stand-alone only as a flashlight), their real claim to fame is the ability to interface with your smartphone using the ToolSmart app. Not content with only four great tools, General has rolled out three new additions to put a big ol’ bluetoothy grin on that already lovely face of yours. They were kind enough to send them over for review so let’s jump right in and see what they’re all about! [Read more…]

Unfulfilled – Coping with Half-Full Planters

Revamped planter.

Anyone who has ever had a container garden knows that sometimes the planters in questions can start to look a little sparse for one reason or another. Suppose the seeds that were planted on one side refused to come up but the ones on the other side are now pushing two feet tall. Or maybe the container was full but one of the plants didn’t make it through a spate of inhospitable weather. (Read: the winter chill or the summer heat murdered it). Maybe the plants didn’t like their new home or roommate. Or perhaps the responsible party went out of town. Then they came back to find their nicely weeded container garden had turned into a scary-as-hell nightmare that swallowed up a whole bunch begonias. So here’s how to cope with an a situation that is all too familiar for most gardeners. [Read more…]

Milwaukee Surge Hydraulic Driver Cuts The Noise And Bad Vibes

milwaukee surge

One of the most useful tools I own is my impact driver. This amazing little tool can drive a fair-sized lag screw through several inches of wood. What’s so amazing about that? It does it without wrenching my wrist around. Impact drivers do a great job of putting the torque to work on the fastener, rather than into your arm. The downside? They’re LOUD. As in hearing-protection-required loud. A new breed of drivers, using quieter hydraulics rather than the hammer and anvil method, is on the rise. Milwaukee invested their usual time, energy and talent into developing their version, the Milwaukee Surge Hydraulic Driver. HomeFixated received one of the first samples to evaluate – read on to see how it might impact you! [Read more…]

Bosch GSA18V-083B Compact Recip Saw – The Lighter Cutter Upper

bosch gsa18v-083b

If you’ve ever used a reciprocating saw, it probably didn’t take long to earn a permanent position in your tool collection. Recip saws can make quick work of lots of tricky or miserable jobs. With the right blade, you can cut pretty much anything, including steel, nail-embedded wood, and less traditional items, which we shall explore shortly. You generally pay a price for this power and ability, though, in terms of weight and size. There are smaller options available, and we recently received a Bosch GSA18V-083B Compact Reciprocating Saw, which we single-handedly put through its paces. [Read more…]

How to Attract Hummingbirds and Bring the Sugar Junkies Out to Play

how to attract hummingbirds

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of birds (there are a couple sports teams that we could probably mention), these little speedsters are fun to watch. Hummingbirds also make great gardening allies since they love eating irritating pests like gnats and aphids. Of course, a garden’s location is the chief factor in determining what species come calling. But if bringing these sugar-powered creatures to a yard near you sounds appealing, read on for some tips on how to attract hummingbirds. [Read more…]

Living on the Edge with These DIY Simple Wooden Ledges

wooden ledges

Hello kids! Today I have a fun, easy build that will transform the living spaces in your home. Lofty claim, you say? Well, keep reading, doubting friend! I feel a tad silly admitting the inspiration for this build: IKEA. I have the older version of their picture ledges scattered throughout my house. Initially they were just for a photo wall in the living room, but then I put them above my son’s desk to corral school supplies, Pokémon cards, etc., and I was struck by their utility. [Read more…]