The Milwaukee Cordless Nailer Lineup Is Fast – No Spoolin’!


In the construction and remodeling business, faster is better. Using nail guns for framing and trim work is a huge time saver over hand nailing – once everything is set up. Lugging the compressor in, searching for power, waiting for the tank to charge with air, unspooling and attaching the air hose, and then dodging it while you work – all these things chew up valuable work time. And when you’re finished, the process gets repeated in reverse. Recently, Milwaukee rolled out a line of M18 battery-powered nailers that are not only fast to get into action, but which can launch nails as fast as a pneumatic nailer. The lineup of red nailers includes four models, and we recently received a 15-GA Angled Milwaukee Cordless Nailer (2743-21CT) to evaluate. [Read more…]

DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw DCS7485T1 – Let ‘er Rip With 60 Volts

dewalt flexvolt table saw

When DeWalt invited over 100 members of the tool press to Baltimore in late June of this year, we were treated to a full day of Tool Overload (if there can be such a thing)! There was a lot of cool and innovative stuff to see, but one of the major draws for a lot of us was the lineup of new 60V and 120V FlexVolt saws. Operating on the new FlexVolt batteries, the offerings include a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, a chop saw, a sliding miter saw, and a portable table saw. So we could see what life is like on the cutting edge, DeWalt style, DeWalt recently provided us with a portable 60V DeWalt FlexVolt Table Saw (Model DCS7485T1) to evaluate. [Read more…]

Keen Omaha WP Shoes Let You Take A Hike – To Work

keen omaha

Anyone who works on their feet all day knows the value of a good pair of shoes. Comfort, support and durability are key no matter what you do for a living. Some occupations require you to go a step further, though, and add protection to the mix. I love my Keen Mt. Vernon and Milwaukee work boots, but lately the long run of 90°+ temps have had me dreaming about a cooler option. When Keen Utility offered HomeFixated the opportunity to evaluate a pair of their new Keen Omaha WP work shoes, I kicked off my boots and stepped right up. [Read more…]

Support Your Plants – A Guide to Common Plant Support Systems


Got a spindly lemon tree that is sagging under the weight of its fruit? Or a cluster of zinnias that won’t stay upright because the summer heat is just too much for it to handle? Perhaps your gladiolas just decided they’d rather grow horizontally than vertically because you couldn’t quite tell which end up the bulb was up when you planted them. No matter what the case is, why not simply support your wayward plants by fixing them up with a system that works? Read on for our quick overview of various common plant supports in the garden. [Read more…]

Milwaukee LED Flashlight 2355-20 – The M12 Fires Up 800 Lumens

milwaukee led flashlight

My name is Phil, and I’m a flashaholic. I have well over a dozen flashlights floating around, ranging from little pocket lights that take AAA batteries to big Maglites that feed off of multiple D-cells. They vary in brightness and reliability, and most have trouble withstanding even moderate household use, much less typical job site abuse. We were intrigued when we saw the new Milwaukee LED flashlight at the Milwaukee New Product Symposium (NPS) in June of 2016, and recently they sent us one to evaluate. Read on, and we will enlighten you. [Read more…]

Don’t Get Greenwashed – 6 Things you should know About Green Building Materials


Time to introduce you to a dirty word that sounds clean, “greenwashing.” Going green is a pretty common term nowadays. But when everyone claims to be green, how do you know your next building project is going to be eco-friendly? Why with these six tips, that’s how! Avoid what’s known as “greenwashing” and prevent getting ripped off when buying green building materials for your next home improvement project. [Read more…]

Titan Pry Bar Set – Prying Finesse in Stainless


As much as we focus on construction here at Home Fixated, there is often the crucial step of demolition that happens before. However, sometimes prepping for home improvement requires a bit more finesse than a sledgehammer or crowbar can provide. I am locked into what seems like an eternal battle to replace or restore the aging double hung wood windows in our home. This usually involves trying to carefully remove delicate wood trim around and between the sashes. That cautious removal usually is interrupted by the sharp cracking sound of wood, several expletives, and then some extra time at the table saw to reproduce the splintered trim pieces. On the last couple sashes I was restoring I was bound and determined to remove the trim intact and in re-usable condition. To attempt this daring feat, I purchased the Titan Pry Bar Set – a pair of Stainless Steel pry bars that are 7 1/4″ and 9 1/4″ in length, and very lean. Did they do the trick, and do you need a pair of these Titan pry bars too? [Read more…]

The Herb Container Garden – A Kitchen and Gardening Essential


Ask any chef and chances are herbs are an important component of their culinary escapades. Although you can go the boring route of buying jars of herbs, there is something extra rewarding and extra tasty about using herbs you grow yourself. You don’t even have to be a green thumb to create your own herb container garden. If you feel the need to add some herbs to your kitchen garden, why not try filling a planter with them in the near future? We’ll even show you how. [Read more…]

The Senco FinishPro 18BMg 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Featured Image

Few things compare to the sheer visceral pleasure of sinking a nail several inches into solid hardwood with the slightest curl of the index finger. Pneumatic nailers have a way of imbuing the user with power – increased by orders of magnitude – that few other tools can mimic. Sure, it’s a simple pleasure. But, as Ockham explained, the best solution is often the simplest one. What William of Ockham was to philosophy, Senco is to the world of making pieces of metal wire go into pieces of wood. The Senco FinishPro 18BMg 18 gauge brad nailer was sent to us by our friends at Senco to evaluate. And I’m just simple enough to put their “razor” to the test. [Read more…]

Kobalt 24V MAX Tools – The Rest Of The Blue Lineup

kobalt 24v

In a previous post, we took a look at a four-pack of the new Kobalt 24V MAX brushless tools. This totally new line of tools represents Lowe’s attempt to grab a piece of the higher-end tool market, and the new tools offer the robust design, increased power and features pros and serious DIYers expect. The new tools are competitively priced, and come with a stellar warranty; more on that later. Lowe’s provided us with samples of their new tools to evaluate, so we’ll take a look at the final three offerings in the current lineup. [Read more…]